Prof. Mariam AlSayegh: On 23rd anniversary of the founding of the Creativity Development Foundation... God has given me complete joy, gifts, victories and blessings. كليوباترا - مريم الصايغ

The Lord filled my being with love and victories
I have all the affection and gratitude in my heart for your love and care.
And for your affectionate and supportive messages to me throughout the years of our friendship
Especially with the depth of the victories of my love now,
Where are the harvest times of my golden peace studded with diamonds.
Mercy, I am very grateful..
For your joyful feelings for the fruits of my love
And proud of,
And for your constant appreciation for the extended moments of creativity
The one who bore fruit and blossomed on the sides of the universe.
Twenty-three years ago,
I chose to be a mother to hundreds of girls and boys,
A sister, a daughter to every innovator and innovator
Hundreds of honorable people around the world shared my dream.
And they believed in my ability to achieve it for the good of some chosen people in the universe
They have given their years, their efforts, their savings,
In times of crises, they even gave from their livelihood and life savings
We have achieved successes and blessings.
Thousands of girls and boys who have become a distinguished elite
Today they have become successful, distinguished entities that resemble no one else.
Some of them graduated from the greatest universities in the world,
And the rest have joined in it to give glory to the Lord alone
Every mother's utmost ambition is for her daughters and sons to succeed.
What about me and hundreds of my daughters and sons?
They gave me the blessing of joy and ignited my worlds and lives with all these joys and victories.
Who embraced the joys of my love..
And removed from my memory
Every fleeting moment of sadness, anger, and pain is caused by abnormal beings
They do not know honor, so they do not deserve to be mentioned
Glory to love, joy and gifts, to the honorable people of the universe
Down with the theft monsters, because of their deception, they are the source of evil
They are all in vain, blown away by the wind,
You have seen our love, our joy, and our victories, and we have achieved all the joy
I am exalted, and my beloved is like an eagle and a phoenix,
We wandered far away to our place called there..
With joy we played our own symphony of love
We danced and danced as I lived,
Our eternal dance,
Through the paths of our magical fountains, accompanied by the harmony of the music of the universes,
That lives in us and bears the eternal imprint of our love
An imprint of our creative identity and our union
As a permanent testimony to the fruits of our love.
Mutants defeated thieves in poverty,
Humiliating, their dishonesty and lies
While our love is erased from the sides of the universe
Every memory of the evils of their betrayals
The promise is true
There is no life or happiness for liars
And for theft freaks, and those who are delusional in love
Love and joy are for honorable people only
Those whose hands have not been soiled by injustice,
They were not involved in the theft of a right,
They did not steal the souls or creations of a living being.
Every day we are in love
Much love for your love
Be in love, happiness, peace..
May love, joy and holidays come back to us
We are healthy and live in love
Scheherazade poetry, stories, and novels,
Cleopatra is a lover of the homeland forever, beloved, insightful,
My love for my nation, my love for my beloved
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