Mariam AlSayeghفاتنة,the goddess of poetry,"' poet,"' seer,"' insightful, "' charming left-handed witch, "' writer, "' media figure,"'deputy for women,"' activist,"' human rights defender,entrepreneur - مريم الصايغ

Heaven is on the left and ghouls are on the right!
مقطع من قصيدة "فردوس الأيسرية، وغيلان الأيمنية!!"
كتبت بفرحة طفولة
الشاعرة والأديبة والروائية بروفيسور مريم الصايغ في 10 أغسطس 1993
عندما طُلب منها أن تكتبه للصحافة المدرسة. والشيء المضحك هو أنه كتب باللغتين الفرنسية والإنجليزية للنشر المدرسي لكنها نالت إعجاب عدد من رؤساء التحرير،
وتم نشرها في عدد من الصحف والمجلات في ذكرى اليوم العالمي لليد اليسار. ثم ترجم إلى العربية ونشر عام 1998، ثم نشر في ديوان .
“وطني المستعبد” وأفكاره وكلماته سرقتها فاطمة ناعوت في مقالتها حيث سرقت والد بروفيسور مريم الصايغ وأخترعت والد فجأة عندما قاربت على سن الستين بسرقة أفكار ومشاعر والبصمة الإبداعية وكلمات وأسلوب الشاعرة والأديبة والروائية مريم الصايغ كليوباترا عاشقة الوطن
My truth is, my left...
Being left-handed is unique.
Blessed are you among people.
I have become a sea..
by the wind,
Mixed with fresh water
exploded inside me,
fresh water springs,
Positive energy generator...
To fill me with life!!
You have become great and powerful,
Possessing linguistic ability,
And the secrets of creativity;
I crowned them both
With perfect motor skills...
I won the prize,
power of insight,
Natural talent..
I became
The seer of worlds and universes,
Seeing the heart come together!!
I enjoyed my life,
As a model...
Rather, an icon of genius!!
I was shocked by the bias!!
Failed to record achievements
Every leftist throughout history!!!
You have become a miracle
In the eyes of strangers!!
as if,
New object
Amazing humanity!!
They're watching,
All my details,
Without shame!!
They are looking for,
Extra finger!
About the third eye of insight!!
About two hearts and a few kidneys!
Or the brain that surrounds the universe,
Complete and more!!

مناسبة القصيدة

The poem “The Paradise of the North and the Ogre of the Right” was written with childhood joy Poet, writer, and novelist, Professor Maryam Al-Sayegh, on August 10, 1993 When she was asked to write it for the school press. The funny thing is that he wrote in both French and English to popularize the school. It then gained the admiration of a number of editors-in-chief, and was published in a number of newspapers and magazines on the anniversary of the International Day of the Left. Then it was translated into Arabic and published in 1998, then published in his office. “My Enslaved Homeland” and its ideas and words were stolen by Fatma Naot in her article
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